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The expansion of Evergreen Pavers & Artificial Turf has induced us into larger paving constructions. Our unflinching goal to provide impeccable quality service into every job distinguishes us as the best paving company in Orlando. With our state of the art machinery and high-end vehicles, every project is executed with the highest level of skill, quality, and pertinence to sticking to a schedule.

We have vast experience constructing Driveways, Pool Decks, Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls, Pavers Steps for domestic and commercial sites, we deliver unbeatable services at very competitive prices while working within your schedule, set budget, and location.

Admittedly, the services we offer require expanding a large amount of energy, but it also demands proficiency and technical know-how. That’s why Evergreen Pavers & Artificial Turf has always taken it upon herself to diligently train and build an experienced team of professionals you can trust with every project to do the job right using a safe and eco-friendly approach.

Evergreen Pavers & Artificial Turf thrives on seemingly daunting and impossible projects. We have completed many client-pleasing projects across Orlando and its environs by offering solutions that work and delivering the muscles and machinery to see them through .



Are you in need of the best driveway services in Orlando, Evergreen Pavers & Artificial Turf have a team of hardworking experts that can deliver excellent, quality and efficient services, to install, repair, and pave your driveways?

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Need a swimming pool in your old or new property? Then you will need a pool decking service that will create the look and style of your pool. We provide the best pool decking services in Orlando at competitive prices.

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An outdoor patio in your home indeed adds visual appeal and is a motivating force. Let us present your property, from plain dull patios to beautifully designed patios, thereby giving you a cozy place to hang out on a fair or grim day if you get a patio cover.

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Walkways or sidewalks on your property can be a great help and boost your esteem. Many people require walkways on their property for different distinct reasons. Our experts can help install your walkways to style your property.

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Retaining walls fill important needs on your property. They avoid soil disintegration on bumpy scenes, moderate the surge of rain, and may function admirably as seating regions. Hence, they need to be installed right.

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Do you want your guests to have an excellent first impression when they come to your front door? Having a beautiful concrete paver step is a sure way to make that first impression a lasting one!

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We also offer a variety of artificial turf solutions for homeowners who want a beautiful and low-maintenance lawn that lasts all year long.

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